​When you should get help?

When you should get help?

It is sometimes difficult to understand when is the right time to get help, since there are many kinds of mental health illnesses. Even though mental illnesses can have things in common, each type is very different. Additionally, the symptoms of a mental illness can vary from person to person as everyone is unique. The symptoms and signs can also range from mild to severe, and you don’t necessarily need to show every sign to have the mental illness. Moreover, a person may not even have a mental illness but may experience a decline in their mental health due to sudden life changes. The best way to know if you have a mental illness or feel that you are struggling mentally is if you are not feeling, acting or thinking like yourself or if people around you that care about you notice changes in you, such as the following:

  • I suddenly no longer have interest in activities I used to enjoy
  • I find myself feeling angry or sad for little or no reason
  • I have strange thoughts or voices that I can’t seem to get rid of
  • I used to be healthy, but now I always feel a bit sick
  • I eat a lot more or less than I used to
  • My sleep patterns have changed
  • I feel fear, worry and terror about things in life that people around me seem to cope well with
  • I’ve been missing more and more time from work or school
  • I have a constant fear that someone is going to hurt me
  • I’ve been drinking heavily or using drugs to cope
  • I find myself avoiding people
  • Sometimes I just want to end my life