Reaching Out to Someone To Have a Conversation About Their Mental Health

Reaching Out to Someone to Have a Conversation About Their Mental Health

Noticing the signs that an individual is going through some struggles is the first step towards reaching out. Often, people are not ready to talk about their situation or they may be in denial. Making sure that this individual is comfortable before speaking to them about their mental health is important. By simply checking in and asking how they are doing can create circumstances in which they trust you enough to speak out. If someone is not comfortable with having a conversation, let them know you will always be available if they want to conduct a conversation.

Educating yourself about a topic that you do not readily understand is an effective display of support. Not only do you gain more insight into situations, but you also find resources that could be helpful. Researching when you want to reach out, but don’t know how to, will help you understand situations from different perspectives. It also provides time for other individuals to reach out to you when they’re ready so you can apply what you have learned.

Creating a safe home environment is crucial if someone you live with is undergoing mental health struggles. Disposing of physical objects as well as negative feelings can establish a more welcoming setting that is void of triggers. Supporting and standing up for someone you live with who is undergoing a mental health struggle will reinforce the importance of their emotions while they work through their feelings.

If someone close to you is in immediate risk, sometimes conversations are not the right approach to keep them safe. Calling 911 during emergencies is necessary when an individual has indicated that they plan to cause harm to themselves. Reaching out for extra support does not make you a bad person when involving outside resources. It simply indicates that there are aspects of this situation that require more help than you are able to deliver. Remember that your own mental health is important when actively engaging within someone else’s life. If you find your own environment is reflecting negative feelings, removing yourself for a period of time may be wise, however make sure that there are still resources available for those you want to help.